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Rangdum-Kanji-Hanupatta (5 days)

1st Day: Rangdum (3.400 m) to Junction of Kanji-La and Pingdon-La (4.150 m), 7 hours
From the village of Juldon go several kilometres along the track towards the Rangdum gompa. Go up along the river Kanji Nullah at the right bank for half an hour, then cross it. Continue along this river along a route with frequent ups and down. The route you take will depend on the rivers height. Follow this path until finding yourself in front of a narrow gorge. The way involves several easy stream crossings. You will find a good campsite at about 4.150 m (13.615 ft).

2nd Day: Junction of Kanji-La and Pingdon-La (4.150 m) to River Kong Nullah (4.300 m) via Kanji-La (5.200 m), 8 hours
Above the camp you take a path to the left of the gorge (the pack animals must follow the gorge). After half an hour you go to the gorge which you follow until reaching the pass Kanji-La 5.200 m (17.060 ft). You have to cross a mass of fallen rocks. From the pass you go west to the third cairn to find the way down. The first 2 hundred meters are steep. Go down along the left bank and pass an escarpment and make a very steep descent of about 300 meters back to the river Kong Nullah. There is a good campsite.

3rd Day: River Kong Nullah (4.300 m) to Kanji (3.850 m), 4 hours
Follow the river and cross it several times till you reach the village Kanji 3.850 m (12.631 ft). As you descend further the scenery gets even more impressive with soaring rock walls and colourful mountains.

4th Day: Kanji (3.850 m) to River Shillakong (4.100 m) via Yogma-La (4.700 m), 6 hours
If you leave the village Kanji you cross the river which comes down from the pass Yagma-La. You go through more beautiful gorges. After 2 hours cross the river in front of a small village and go up the valley leading to the Yogma-La 4.700 m (15.420 ft). It takes you a long 5 hours. From the summit of the pass you reach the river Shillakong 1 hour along a steep path. Cross it and arrive at a good campsite at 4.100 m (13.451 ft).

5th Day : River Shillakong (4.100 m) to Hanupatta (3.830 m) via Niugutse-La (5.050 m), 8 hours
From the camp it is a long climb along the left bank to the third pass Sniugutse-La 5.050 m (16.570 ft). From the path you go down into a spectacular gorge. After 20 minutes you arrive at a stream which you follow for 2 hours until reaching a river. Hanupatta is an attractive village 3.830 m (12.560 ft). Jeeps can peck-up you.

Rangum - Kanji - Hanupatta (5 days)