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Padum-Lamayuru (5-7 days)
Winter trek (15 days)
Darcha-Padum (8 days)
Padum-Shade-Padum (6 days)
Myar Valley - Padum (9 days)
Markha Valley (7 days)
Djum Lam Hemis-Padum (7/8 days)
Hemis-Manali (9 days)
Kanji-Lingshed-Photoksar (8-10 days)
Manali-Hemis (9 days)
Lamayuru-Alchi (3 days)
Lamayuru-Chilling (5 days)
Lamayuru-Stok (7 days)
Rangdum-Kanji-Hanupatta (5 days)
Likir-Kalse (3 days)
Spituk-Stok (3 days)
Rumtse-Tsomoriri (7 days)
Tsmoriri-Kiber (8 days)
Takh-Zangla (10 days)
Stok Kangri (6.120m)
Grades of Difficulty

Winter trek (15 days)

Winter Trek - tChadar

The word “Chadar " means " white sheet or blanket ". And that's what it appears like when

you walk over the white Frozen Zanskar Frozen River (Zanskar Chadar)Trek. though a demanding one gives you all the thrills of a great adventure. Temperatures can plummet to as low as -30° and even.

Though you walk through amazing landscape you have to be prepared for a really cold experience of course kept warm by glowing fires which we light up each evening at camp. Our daily trek begins at around 9:00am and by then the sun's up and blue skies bring cheer despite the cold temperatures. The trek goes along the Zanskar River in the region of Lingshed and constitutes a walk of around 15 days with 3850m / 12,628ft. Being the highest altitude reached. Many of these spots cannot be accessed during the summer months as they go through spectacular deep canyons and gorges. A once in a life time trek.


From Times Online
November 24, 2002

The ancient path to riches

Paul Deegan, of The Sunday Times takes to the ice on a magnificent journey through the Himalayan silverlands


There is a place, high among the mountains of the Indian Himalayas, where the sun always seems to shine. A place where the klu, the water spirits that live in the nearby Zanskar River, reveal copper to those who have learnt to recognise the whistle that the metal emits. The place is called Chiling, and the families who live here have been working silver, copper and gold ever since the village was founded by four Nepali silversmiths and their Ladakhi brides in the 16th century.

Read more about Paul and Sonam

15 days

Very strengous. The route is possible only when the river is at its coldest, for about six weeks during January and February. It is a rare experience to see the hard live of the people in winter time when the temperature drops to 25 degree below zero. It is not possible to use horses but the porters are used to this conditions.

Trek along the frozen Zanskar river.
Explore the traditional "butter" trade route along the frozen Zanskar River when the passes are blocked by snow.

A full scale winter expedition.
Challenging and exciting trekking.
A glimpse of an ancient unchanged culture in winter.
Stunningly beautiful frozen river.

Frozen River Trek

Walking on the frozen river of Zanskar is an ultimate experience for adventure lovers. The traditional name of the trek is tChadar trek which means the frozen sheet. This roadway is the only passage route for the Zanskaris during the winter season as all other roadways are closed due to heavy snow fall at high passes.

Due to this, this route it had been trade route for centuries by Zanskari people. Now the route is also famous amongst winter trekkers and adventure lovers. For last several years, we have been organizing this winter trek in three different options with trained local Zanskari potters and our well-experienced guide and staff.

Zanskar has the distinction of being the least interfered with microcosms of Ladakh since it is the most isolated region during winters. This place is made inaccessible for nearly eight months a year due to heavy snowfall which results in closure of all the access passes. It is thus one of the last few surviving cultural satellites of Tibet. This geographical isolation together with the esoteric nature of Buddhism practiced here has enabled its some ten thousand inhabitants to preserve and perpetuate their cultural identity.

This Chadar trek allows you to penetrate this isolation and to examine some of the villages along the Zanskar River in the midst of winter. You can thus catch a glimpse of the region’s habitats during a unique time of the year. A visit to the ancient monastic establishments of Karsha and Zangla promises to heighten your insight into the mysteries of Shangri-la, which is a land of culture frozen in time behind the ramparts of the Zanskar Mountains. Chilling and Lingshed are the only sizeable villages on this trek up till Hanamur and Pidmo which lies before Pishu and Zangla in Zanskar.

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