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NGO Non Governmental Organisations

International Association for Ladakh Studies (IALS)
The International Association for Ladakh Studies (IALS) is an interdisciplinary society studying all aspects of Ladakh. As part of promoting the constructive interaction between the international academic community and Ladakh's own scholarly community the IALS organises seminars and conferences in Ladakh and abroad, including a biennial international conference. The IALS also fosters the publication of research material on Ladakh, including conference proceedings and the regular publication of the Ladakh Studies Journal.

For further information
please visit the International Association for Ladakh Studies

Students' Educational Cultural Movement of Ladakh
SECMOL was founded in 1988 by some returning university students who understood the problems of the younger generation with modern education, their lack of focus and the cultural confusion. Their activities include working to reform the government school system, helping village students in their education, awakening youth to the problems stemmed from the inappropriate and insensitive schooling, producing related videos and radio programmes, and designing and building solar-heated eco-friendly buildings. Operation New Hope was started in 1994 to overhaul the primary education system in the government schools of Ladakh.
For further information contact:
Secmol P.O.B ox: 4, Leh 194101, Ladakh (India) Ph: 91-1982-252421,253012 Fax: 91-1982-253561
Phey Campus phone 226120. Email

Ladakh Heart Foundation
Ladakh heart foundation was started by Ven. Thupstan Chogyal, a few years back, realising the never ending medical problems of Ladakhis who live in remote areas and cannot afford to go to Chandigarh and Delhi for their treatment of especially the lung and heart diseases.
For further information contact:
Ladakh Heart Foundation
Agling Dambuchen
P.O. Box No. 150
Leh 194101
Ladakh (India)
Tel:91-1982-53291 Fax:252735, 252659

The Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO)
LAMO: The Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation is a public charitable trust established to articulate an alternative vision for the arts and media in Ladakh. The organization set up the LAMO Centre in Leh to provide a space for the understanding and development of the arts. The complex on which the Centre is located comprises two historical houses below the 17th century palace of Leh that were restored by LAMO and converted to an arts space with offices, galleries, a library, screening room, conference room, and open-air performance site. The Centre is designed to carry out outreach programs, research, workshops, and exhibitions that showcase Ladakh’s material and visual culture, performing arts and literature.

For further information
LAMO Centre,
P O Box 152, Below Namgyal Palace,
Old Leh Town, Leh Ladakh – 194101.
Telephone: 01982 251554,,

Leh Nutrition Project
Leh Nutrition Project was founded in 1978 with the initiative of Save the Children Fund UK, and have been actively engaged in the most neglected, isolated and remote areas of Leh district in rural development, primary health care, education, agriculture, handicraft and so on.

LNP has now shifted its mission from service provider to ennobler organization. However, it is actively working on watershed projects in 25 villages. Child development, pre school education, health education and nature conservation are its focus areas.

For further information Contact:
Leh Nutrition Project, P.O. Box: 59, Housing Colony, Leh, 194101, Ladakh, (India)
Telefax: 91-1982-252151, 252807

Ladakh Ecological Development Group
The Ladakh Ecological Development Group was initiated in 1983 to Promote ecological and sustainable development, which blends with the traditional culture. The programmes include information, education, handicraft, agriculture and cultural preservation activities.

For further information Contact:
Ladakh Ecological Development Group, Karzoo, Leh, 194101, Ladakh (India)
Ph: 91-1982-252646,253221

Child Welfare Society of Ladakh
The Child Welfare Society Ladakh was founded in 1995 in order to serve poor student living in remote areas of Ladakh region irrespective of their race, cast and religion etc. Their educational aid and activities include sponsorship clothing facilities, English improvement courses and winter tuition.

For further details contact:
Child Welfare Society of Ladakh, P.O.Box: 135, Leh, 194101, Ladakh (India) Fax: 91-1982-253308

Ladakh Theatre Organization
LTO was set up in 1995, by Mr. Mipham Otsal with an aim to foster development of theater arts in Ladakh and to renew the drama tradition of Ladakh. LTO has very successfully produced a variety of plays, ranging from the Hindu classic- Bharatandu Harish Chandra’s “Ander Nagari”, a Ladakhi adaptation of Anton Chekov’s “The proposal”, the dramatized version of very famous Buddhist Jatak-Kathas like Ithok Lhamo etc. Apart from the play production, LTO has conducted several theater workshops, Seminars on theater arts, children workshops, theater quiz and painting competitions etc.

For more details contact:
Mr. Mipham Otsal, Ladakh Theater Organization, Old Road, Leh 194101, Ladakh (India)

Rural development and you
The Rural Development and you is a non- profit organization, of concerned Ladakhis, which works to overcome the problems faced by the rural people in their daily life. Participation, health, education and development programmes are organized to help and guide the rural people. The activities include seminar, training, workshops and interaction with rural people to understand their needs and problems.

For further information Contact:
P.O.Box: 144, Leh, 194101, Ladakh (India) Ph: 91-1982- 253034 Email -

Ladakh Environment and Health Organisation
LEHO came into existence on 1st July 1991, to work on the issues of health and sustainable development in response to the changing face of social value and culture in different Ladakhi societies, by livestock on a sustainable basis, integration of the age old traditions and culture of the villages.

For further information contact:
Director, LEHO, Himalaya Shopping Complex, Main Bazaar, Leh194101, Ladakh (India).

Save the Children (UK) North West India Zone
SC (UK) began to operation in Ladakh region after the flood in Indus River. After the relief project of SC (UK), on the request of local government providing supplementary nutrition to the children in the affected villages along side the Indus River. After the relief project of SC (UK), on requests of local/ state government took up Integrated Development Project in collaboration in with ICCW (Indian Council for Child Welfare) and J&K CCW (Jammu and Kashmir Council for Child Welfare) and local administration. SC (UK) was instrumental to create a local NGO called LNP (Leh Nutrition Project).Till 1992 SC (UK) and LNP work together under the same umbrella known as Save the Children/ Leh Nutrition Project.

For any further information, please contact: Save the Children (UK)
North West India Programme Lonpo House, Fort Road, Leh 194101, Ladakh (J&K)
Tel. No. 01982-252135 Fax No: 01982-251164

Women Alliance of Ladakh
Women Alliance was established in 1991 by local women with the twin goal of raising the status for rural women and strengthening local culture and agriculture. And prime goal of WAL is sustainable development in rural Ladakh.

For information contact:
Women Alliance of Ladakh, Sankar Road, Chubi, Leh, 194101, Ladakh, India Ph: 91-1982-250293

World Wide Fund for Nature - India Field Office Leh
World Wide Fund for Nature - India (WWF-India) has been working to promote harmony between humankind and nature for over three decades. Its mission is “The Promotion of Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection as the Basis for Sustainable and Equitable Development”. Today, WWF-India is recognized as the premier conservation NGO in the country dealing with conservation and development issues.

In Ladakh WWF-India initiated a project “Conservation of High Altitude Wetlands of Ladakh” in 1999. Under the project two field offices- at Leh and at village Korzok near lake Tsomoriri were eshtablished. At present both these offices are actively involved in carrying out various conservation and capacity building programmes. The major activities of WWF-India in Ladakh have been motivating key stakholders, including local communities, tour operators and defence forces, institution building for conservation, developing communication and resource material, surveys and research.

For Further information Please Contact:
WWF-India, Secretariat, Freshwater and Wetlands Conservation Programme, 172 - B, Lodi Estate, New Delhi - 110003, India Tel: 91 11 24654889 Email:
Field Office: Hemis Complex, Zangsti Road, Leh 194101, Ladakh (J&K) India Tel: 1 1982 251896

Snow Leopard Conservancy
The Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC) is dedicated to demonstrating innovative; “grass-roots” measures that lead local people to become effective stewards of the endangered snow leopard, prey and its habitat. SLC operates under the Cat Action Treasury (a US-based nonprofit charity), which supports projects of the Cat Specialist Group, World Conservation Union - IUCN.

For further information contact us at our Leh office:
Snow leopard Conservancy Ibex Hotel Complex, Leh, Ladakh, India Ph: 91 1982 250953 Email:

Druk White Lotus School
Druk White Lotus School is a multi-award winning charity and a model of appropriate and sustainable design and development.

Inspired by the vision of His Holiness the 12th Gyalwang Drukpa, spiritual leader of Ladakh, the school aims to provide a modern education for Ladakhi children - an education that is grounded in their own culture and which can prepare them to lead happy and productive lives.

From mid-2007 the school will be ready to receive skilled volunteers, especially to teach English, IT and sports, and also assist with landscaping the site. By offering their time and expertise, and paying their own expenses, volunteers can make a significant contribution.