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Zanskar valley lies to the south west of Leh, surrounded by the Himalayan and Zangskar ranges, which is the most isolated of all the trans- Himalayan valleys.
Zangskar comprises of two main valleys of Stod (Doda chu) and Lunak (Tsarab chu), which converge below at Padum. The valley has an area of about 5,000 sqr. Kms. and an elevation of 13,154 ft. The area remains inaccessible for nearly 7 months in the year. All the high passes are close in the winter and the river freeze on the surface. Zanskaris walk along the frozen river to reach the Indus
River in Nimoo village, which is known as the Chadar trek.

Getting There
The route from Kargil to Padum via Penzi La is the only motorable road to reach Zangskar valley, which remains open from June to September.
The Kargil to Padum Road was completed in the late 70ís. Even today this road is not mettaled and has been neglected. BRO has start construction of tChadar road from Nimoo to Padum, which would be the shortest route if contructed.

Padum is around 464 Kms. from Leh and 234 Kms. away from Kargil. Once the Capital of the Zangskar valley, today it is the administrative headquarter of the region and probably the most populous settlement of Zanskar. There is a small market along the main road with hotels, restaurants and many shops. The town has a newly contructed Mosque and Muslim community. Stakrimo Gompa is on a hill side and the 10th century monument carved on a huge rock near the river bank, provides epigraphic evidence that the region was influnced by Budddhism since ancient period.

Other Attactions
Zanskar has lot of beautiful Buddist monasteries like Zongkhul, Bardan, Stongde, Karsha, Phuktal and Sunni Palace and most of monasteries and be visited in a day or two by Jeep from Padum. 
Fact File
Padum is the head quarter of Zanskar Valley and it provides Hotels, Guest Houses and couple of restaurants. Jeep is available for the sight seeing of nearby monasteries.