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Padum-Lamayuru (5-7 days)
Winter trek (15 days)
Darcha-Padum (8 days)
Padum-Shade-Padum (6 days)
Myar Valley - Padum (9 days)
Markha Valley (7 days)
Djum Lam Hemis-Padum (7/8 days)
Hemis-Manali (9 days)
Kanji-Lingshed-Photoksar (8-10 days)
Manali-Hemis (9 days)
Lamayuru-Alchi (3 days)
Lamayuru-Chilling (5 days)
Lamayuru-Stok (7 days)
Rangdum-Kanji-Hanupatta (5 days)
Likir-Kalse (3 days)
Spituk-Stok (3 days)
Rumtse-Tsomoriri (7 days)
Tsmoriri-Kiber (8 days)
Takh-Zangla (10 days)
Stok Kangri (6.120m)
Grades of Difficulty

More Details about the trek

Darcha - Padum (8 days)

1st Day: Darcha (3.400 m) to first Campsite (3.800 m), 5 hours
Leave Darcha 3.440 m (11.150 ft) and follow the track (some kms are on yhe road) to the small village Rarik. You will pass a spectacular gorge and cross a first ford. There is a good campsite (3.800 m) for the first night outside.

2nd Day: 1. Campsite (3.800 m) to Ramjak (4.100 m), 7 hours
Continue on the left bank until you reach the second major ford. You go up the right-hand valley. The path is good but hard going up. You will find a good camp at the hamlet of Ramjak 4.100 m (13.450 ft) in the small meadow (stone falls in the rainy season).

3rd Day: Ramjak (4.100 m) to Lakang Sumdo (4.500 m) via Shinkun-La (5.000 m), 9 hours
From the camp you start climbing on a moderate slope to the foot of the first pass including several easy stream crossings. The breathless climb with the zigzag path leads you through a moraine as far as the Shinkun-La 5.000 m (16.400 ft). You will be rewarded with the wonderful views of several 6.000 m peaks. The descent is steep and leads you through a permanent snow field. Cross the final firm to reach the first meadows. After crossing several easy streams you go down to an escarpment towards a small plateau. There are wonderful views all around. The campsite 4.500 m (14.760 ft) is between two streams. You will have a nice view of the mountain Gumburanjon (5.900 m).

4th Day: Lakang Sumdo (4.500 m) to Habla (4.140 m), 6 hours
You climb down a mass of fallen rocks and cross several streams. After one hour you pass beneath the face of the Gumburanjan (5.900 m). This shark’s fin of a mountain has been climbed several times. The walking is gentle and easy all the way to the first and highest village in this valley. Kargyak (4.200 m - 13.780 ft) is a small and beautiful place of about 120 people. You can visit the Sun School. After two more hours of walking you reach the next settlement Habla 4.140 m (13.582 ft) with a good campsite.

5th Day : Habla (4.140 m) to Purne (3.950 m), 6 hours
From Table continue on the right bank along an easy path until you reach Tanze. Tanze is a small village with a monastery on ruins a bit higher up. A short distance beyond Tanze there is a bridge you have to cross. The trail leaves the river and climbs to a willow plantation, before descending between the fields of the pretty village of Kuru. Afterwards an excellent path leads steadily lower. Soon you reach the larger village Teta. The path continues downward near the river. Stay on the left bank and then climb gentle up the slope to Yal. Next comes a steep descent towards a large bridge which you cross to reach Purne. Purne 3.950 m (12.960 ft) is a collection of houses owned by only two families.

6th Day : Sidetrip from Purne (3.950 m) to Phuktal monestary (4.000 m) and back to Purne, 4 hours
This sidetrip is very admirable because you visit the most spectacularly situated monastery of Ladakh. Leave the horses in Purne. Go up the left bank of the Tsarap River into a gorge. After 2 hours you cross a bridge in good condition. Fifteen minutes later you arrive at a small tributary of the Tsarap. The beautiful clear water is cascading down. A ledge leads you to a small plateau sprinkled with chortens and religious banners. From here you can see the Phuktal monastery. Phuktal belongs to the tradition of the Gelupas. The spring that gurgles deep in the cave is still out of bounds to women. The Hungarian historian Cosma de Koros stayed here over the winter of 1825-26. It is possible to find food and lodging at the monastery.
(Here arrive the path from sTongde Gompa via Shade and you cona by-pass Padum plains).

7th Day : Purne (3.950 m) to Ichar (3.800 m), 6 hours
From Purne you go back down. After crossing the bridge you go up the left bank. The trail overhangs the Tsarap River. It’s sometimes tricky and hard going. There are frequent small canyons of pudding stones. Pass a bit above a hanging, which leads to the village of Cha. Two hours later you arrive at the small village of Kyelbo. Carry on until Ammu and pass below the village of Surle. The trail is still not good. Several stretches are a little bit difficult. The large bridge on your way leads to the impressive village Ichar 3.800 m (12.467 ft). The houses in Ichar are perched on the top of a crag. There are wonderful views west to snow-capped mountains.

8th Day : Ichar (3.800 m) to Padum (3.800 m), 5 hours
Cross back over to the left bank and then gradually climb before coming to a major tributary. Gradually descent down towards to Reru. We are at the road-head and can drive to Mune, Bardan and padum in max 2 hours.


Darcha . Padum (8 days)