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 Padum-Lamayuru (5-7 days)
Winter trek (15 days)
Darcha-Padum (8 days)
Padum-Shade-Padum (6 days)
Myar Valley - Padum (9 days)
Markha Valley (7 days)
Djum Lam Hemis-Padum (7/8 days)
Hemis-Manali (9 days)
Kanji-Lingshed-Photoksar (8-10 days)
Manali-Hemis (9 days)
Lamayuru-Alchi (3 days)
Lamayuru-Chilling (5 days)
Lamayuru-Stok (7 days)
Rangdum-Kanji-Hanupatta (5 days)
Likir-Kalse (3 days)
Spituk-Stok (3 days)
Rumtse-Tsomoriri (7 days)
Tsmoriri-Kiber (8 days)
Takh-Zangla (10 days)
Stok Kangri (6.120m)
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Lamayuru-Stok (7 days)

1st Day: Lamayuru (3.450 m) to Hinju (3.750 m) via Prinkiti-La (3.720 m), 7 hours
From the village with the famous monastery you cross a stream and climb the first pass. After a gradually climb across the mountain side you reach a small valley which follows as far as the first pass Prinkiti-La 3.720 m (12.140 ft). The pass is crossed after a gentle and short climb. Go down into a narrow gorge until reaching the village of Shilla. Cross the river over a bridge and then take the right bank as far as the next village Wanla. Wanla is a pretty village with a gompa high up on crag and makes a pleasant place to stop. Another 3 hours walking and you reach the village of Shills. Go along the Yapola river for another 2 hours until reaching the village Phanjila. The valley gets more and more beautiful the higher up you walk, with its thick growth of willows and dramatic views back to rock pinnacles on the skyline.

2nd Day: Hinju (3.750 m) to Sumda (3.900 m) via Konzke-La (4.900 m), 6 hours
From Hinju you go up the main valley. Pass the last mountain pasture, then leave one or two valleys on left and climb up the pass. The last third is steep. It is a strenuous climb to the Konzke-La 4.900 m (16.080 ft), but you’re rewarded with views all the way back to the last pass Prinkiti-La 3.720 m (12.140 ft). During the summer month shepherds from Hinju cross the Konzke-La so that they can graze their livestock in this valley. The trail passes some of their huts and enclosures where they make butter, curd and cheese. You may see the cheese spread out on the ground to dry. It is dried into small white nuggets which then keep for years; very little is eaten fresh.
From the summit of Konzke-La it is a long descent to pastures. The path gets close to the river. A little before Sumda, on the opposite wall, you can see a blocked up cave. Several good campsites are at the edge of the river. Continue on the left bank along the mountain side to Sumda. This isolated village shows few signs of change and the villagers are still largely self-sufficient.

3rd Day: Sumda (3.900 m) to Chilling (3.250 m) via Dundunchen-La (4.700 m), 7 hours
From Sumda carry on in the main valley. The path becomes more difficult to follow until reaching shelter formed by rocks. Shelters and pastures are on the half way up to the Dundunchen-La 4.700 m (10.660 ft). It is a steep climb up to the third pass on this trek. There are fantastic views from the top. From there you go down along the mountain side and then down the slope until reaching Chilling. The inhabitants of Chilling are the only ones who work with metals such as cooper, tin, silver used for the making pots or tea spots.

4th Day: Chilling (3.250 m) to Shingo (4.150 m), 6 hours
From Chilling follow the Zanskar River upstream for several hundred meters. Ask for the man who operates the cable-car across the Zanskar River. You obviously can’t take pack animals across the river so this is far as they can go with you. Take the good path and reach the village Skaya after 3 hours. A little beyond the village go into a narrow valley. Three hours after Skaya, you will arrive at the village of Shingo.

5th Day : Shingo (4.150 m) to Rumbak (3.800 m) via Ganda-La (4.850 m), 4 hours
From Shingo it is a long easy climb (2 hours) to the fourth pass Ganda-La 4.850 m (15.910 ft). From the pass you can see the Zanskar range, the famous stok mountain and the fields of Shingo far down. It is an easy descent into a beautiful valley until you pass the village of Yurutse. Cross the river and follow the right bank. Walk along the mountain side until you cross an escarpment wich leads into the valley of Rumbak.

6th Day: Rumbak (3.800 m) to Stok via Stok-La (4.800 m), 6 hours
From Rumbak follow this beautiful, gently sloping valley. A very steep and difficult footpath rises in sharp zigzags up the Stok-La 4.800 m (15.750 ft). From the pass it is a steep descent to the summer pastures belonging to the inhabitants of Stok. After that it is an easy going path. You reach the river which comes down from the Stok-Kangri massif. Follow the left bank of this river as far as the village Stok. Here you can visit the Stok Palace. It was the home of the king of Ladakh. The museum has a unique display of rare ornaments from the royal family, plus tangkas, traditional clothing and jewellery. From Stok you go back to Leh.

Lamayuru - Stok (7 days)